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Improving your health is a science, so why not have a team of experts in your pocket to lead your journey. Let's start changing your life today! Take a 1-Minute Risk Quiz for Prediabetes.


How it works

  • Share photos of your meals and receive personalized feedback from your Registered Dietitian Lifestyle Coach in your food log.
  • Connect with peers in your group facing similar challenges to learn from real life experiences.
  • Discover tips and tricks for nutrition, exercise, sleep, and stress management over our 26 virtual sessions.
  • Track your weight loss progress and physical activity with your FREE smart scale and Fitbit!
  • Set a goal to lose 4% - 7% of your weight during our 12-month program.

Let’s take control of your health!

With the support of your Fruit Street Registered Dietitian and fellow group members, you’ll make small, incremental changes in eating and physical activity that will help you lose weight and prevent type 2 diabetes, improving your overall quality of life! Our program goes beyond weight loss, by highlighting the mind and body connection so making lasting behavioral changes comes easier.

Success stories




Through the program I’ve been looking at portion sizes, tracking what we eat and being more mindful about fruits and vegetables and balancing out our plate. The thing I like about our group is that we’re competitive. In class time we’re supportive of each other and get collective feedback.



The way the program is structured you get to talk to not only a dietitian, but other people who are in the same situation as you and who are dealing with the same issues. You problem solve together. It’s really helpful in becoming more mindful about what I eat.



During Covid, it hit me like a ton of bricks that I need to start being more healthy. It was part of the insurance company so I joined. I enjoy the meetings. We have a great team of people. I lost 24 pounds. It’ll be the first time I’ve reached my goal weight in I don’t know how many years. I love the program.



I want to get out of the prediabetic phase. The goal was to cut some weight. In a month I lost 10 pounds. I went from 203 to 193. I have a goal of 180 pounds and that’s what I’m shooting for.



It’s not just about looking at the number on the scale; it’s about better overall health. Each day I learn to make better decisions that don’t feel like a sacrifice, but make me better for my health, for my stress and for my sleep.

A science backed diabetes prevention program

Fruit Street delivers the CDC’s National Diabetes Prevention program via telehealth. We built in measures to earn your trust with best-in-care telehealth innovation and top clinicians. Our evidence-based program keeps you accountable with a weekly video chat with a dietitian and small support group.

Fruit Street has validated its clinical outcomes by receiving Preliminary Recognition from the CDC. This means participants are consistently achieving 4% – 7% average weight loss when participating for at least 9 months of the program.

HIPAA top security
CDC endorsed program
Backed by physicians
Group sessions with a registered dietitian

Improving the health of your employees, for good!

Fruit Street believes in taking the guesswork out of losing weight and getting healthy. That’s why we pair all of our participants with their own Registered Dietitian. It’s time to make lasting changes in your employee population with a program facilitated and backed by healthcare professionals.


The virtual diabetes prevention program your members deserve!

Fruit Street’s year-long program is facilitated by licensed Registered Dietitians and backed by results!


Take control of your health

Our compassionate Registered Dietitians are here to help you lose weight, overcome challenges, and reach your wellness goals. Sign up today!