The virtual diabetes prevention program your members deserve!

Fruit Street’s year-long program is facilitated by licensed Registered Dietitians and backed by results!


Telehealth to prevent chronic disease

It’s time for a benefit that will make a larger impact not only for your members wellness but also their healthcare cost.

A year long relationship with one of Fruit Street clinicians takes the guess work out of living a healthy life.

Our Registered Dietitians get to know your members and adjust their wellness journey based on their physical, personal and cultural needs.


Member benefits

Higher member engagement

Increased energy and liveliness

Avoided and delayed chronic illness and disability

Reduced risk of having a heart attack or stroke

Increased satisfaction in life

Stress reduction

Engagement Outcomes

Fruit Street’s year long program is a commitment to starting a healthier lifestyle. Our participants use provided tools, like a Smart Scale and Fitbit Activity tracker to constantly measure their progress.

In a snapshot of 2600 participants, we found amazing engagement results, which leads to even better health outcomes.

127,041 Pictures taken of food

When our participants upload pictures to their food log, their dedicated Registered Dietitian leaves comments and feedback to help with continued growth and support.

115,527 Weigh-ins

Fruit Street’s Registered Dietitian Lifestyle Coaches recommend participants weigh themselves daily to track progress.

4,860,195 Active minutes

We suggest reaching at least 120 moderate-intensity active minutes a week. Our participants are constantly going above and beyond.

77,737 Messages sent

Our Dietitians are in constant contact with our participants, making it easier to understand nutrition, and make lasting changes.

Take control of your health

Our compassionate Registered Dietitians are here to help your members lose weight, overcome challenges, and reach your wellness goals. Sign up today!