Improving the health of your employees, for good!

Fruit Street believes in taking the guesswork out of losing weight and getting healthy. That’s why we pair all of our participants with their own Registered Dietitian. It’s time to make lasting changes in your employee population with a program facilitated and backed by healthcare clinicians.


Healthy employees lead to a healthy company

The health of your employees is key, not only to their success, but yours as well. Weight loss and prevention of chronic illnesses can help your business thrive and reduce cost.

What people are saying about Fruit Street

Our participants love Fruit Street, and so will your employee population. Isn’t it time to give your team all the tools they need to live their healthiest lives?

Increased energy

“Within a month of being on the program, the amount of energy I had was a huge change. I woke up happier, with energy, and ready to go.”

Anonymous Fruit Street participant, 81

Improved blood work

“I had some blood work done and all of my tests were improved. My cholesterol was down, blood sugar levels were down, everything was improved, even after just a month. They continued to steadily improve over the last few months.”

Anonymous Fruit Street participant, 42

Weight loss

“I have a participant that is finishing up the program that has lost 70lbs. What a huge success!!”

Rachel, Fruit Street Registered Dietitian

Medication reduction

“I’m excited to share that one of my participants got lab result yesterday. She is no longer considered pre-diabetic. Her cholesterol was lower and her doctor is not putting her on any new meds.“

Casey Fruit Street Registered Dietitian

Weight loss

“I have a participant that is finishing up the program that has lost 70lbs. What a huge success!!”

Rachel Fruit Street Registered Dietitian

We’re HIPAA compliant and take trust seriously.

Improving your employees’ health can start today

Our virtual wellness solution provides employees with the only scalable, live delivery of the CDC’s Diabetes Prevention Program, through HIPAA compliant, advanced group video chat technology. Prevent chronic disease, reduce healthcare costs, and improve the health of your employees today!