7 Cost Saving Ways to Eat Healthy

7 Cost Saving Ways to Eat Healthy

If you’ve stepped into a health food store, it can seem expensive to maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, you can plan healthy meals and shop on a budget at conventional grocery stores using these tips!

Review store ads and coupons

Join your store rewards club for specials, prices and coupons. Save your Catalinas (the coupons that print with your receipt) and check your local store’s website or app for coupons linked to your rewards card. Use those resources to see what is on sale!

Check your supplies

Review your fridge and cabinets to see what you already have. Make note of perishables and expiration dates, and plan to use these items earlier in the week to reduce food waste.

Plan meals and snacks for the week

Create meal ideas using your knowledge of what you have on hand and what is for sale this week. Build your shopping list - you may want to highlight which items are on sale or what you have coupons for, so you don’t forget!

Buy in bulk

When more expensive items like meat or fish are on sale, buy a large quantity and freeze what you can’t use right away. Save money by looking at the lowest unit price. For example, one pound of chicken breast may cost $3, while a three-pound bag of frozen chicken breasts may cost $6 - only $2 per pound.

Buy store brands

Many store brands items, or private label, are almost indistinguishable from name brand products, at a fraction of the cost. Choosing store brand items can add up to big savings.

Avoid prepared foods

These foods will cost more as you are paying for the convenience of having someone else to prepare them. Preparing your own meals saves money and allows you to control the levels of added salt, sugar, and fat.

Have a healthy snack

Having a snack before you go shopping will energize you, clear your head, and reduce impulse purchases.

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be expensive. Try these tips and you’ll be surprised by how much nutritious food you can get for your money!