5 Stress-free Ways to Dine Out!

5 Stress-free Ways to Dine Out!

Getting out for a night with friends or a brunch loved ones can be a real treat. Though on a healthy lifestyle journey, dining out can be stressful! Try these ideas to keep dining out special:

Make it special

There’s likely a popular dish on the menu that everyone must try, or maybe you already have a favorite. Keep that special dish your focus for your meal and leave all the extras. Really savor every bite and you won’t even miss the appetizers or dessert - in fact, you might enjoy it even more!

Look for key words

While many restaurants offer nutrition information, it may not be readily available on the menu. One quick way to help you decode the menu is by searching for key words. Grilled, baked, or steamed tend to indicate a more healthful preparation, as opposed to words like fried, crispy, or smothered.

Choose low calorie drinks

Liquid calories can quickly add up! Choose low or no calorie drinks like unsweetened iced tea or sparkling water. Stay mindful of alcohol, and try choosing a lower calorie option, like a wine spritzer or light beer.

Plan something after

Remember, this is a night out! Get tickets to a movie, go ice skating, or catch the kids’ soccer game for after your meal. This will allow you to gracefully decline the dessert menu so you can arrive to your event on time.

Let it go

A meal out with loved ones is part of a balanced lifestyle. Keep in mind that one meal out will not derail your progress. If you overindulge, remember it’s one meal out of 21 that you will eat that week. Get right back to your healthful choices at the next meal and let this one go!