What Your Healthy Future Looks Like

What Your Healthy Future Looks Like

Take a moment to envision what a healthy lifestyle means to you. Do you have more energy? Spend time with loved ones? Set a good example for your kids? With Fruit Street’s Diabetes Prevention Program, that bright future can be yours!


Before: Your alarm goes off. You’re so tired. You pour a cup of coffee with your favorite hazelnut creamer. You don’t have time for breakfast.

After: You slept well. You step on your wireless scale from Fruit Street to monitor your weight. You fix breakfast for everyone - yogurt with fruit and granola.


Before: You get to the office and grab another cup of coffee. You haven’t eaten and you’re starving. You grab a candy bar from your desk. You decide to pick up fast food for lunch.

After: You packed your lunch the night before - you snap a pic for your Food Log. You take a walk outside with a colleague and check in with your coach for support on your Fruit Street app.


Before: You leave work and drive to the kids soccer practice. On the way you swing through a coffee shop to grab a latte and muffin. You cheer on the kids from the sidelines.

After: Before the game, you snack on some almonds that you keep at your desk. You and your spouse walk laps around the field and chat about your day. Wear your free Fitbit from Fruit Street to count your steps!


Before: When you get home, you pop in a frozen pizza.

After: When you get home, you grill chicken that you defrosted this morning while your kids help peel zucchini and sweet potato. You’ve been incorporating more vegetables and logging them in your Fruit & Veg tracker.


Before: After dinner, you settle into the couch with a beer. The streaming service auto-plays a few episodes and before you know it, it’s midnight. You set your alarm and swear you’re going to do better tomorrow.

After: After dinner, you prepare for tomorrow by packing lunch. Before bed, you practice a relaxation exercise that you learned in your Manage Stress class this week.

Fruit Street’s Diabetes Prevention + Weight Loss Program covers a variety of health and wellness topics including meal planning, increasing physical activity, and managing stress. Our program provides you with the tools and support you need to design your healthy future!